The Ssh Method

Our method consists of creating a good sleep hygiene from the moment we get up to the moment we go to bed.

We achieve real objectives

We help people establish appropriate scenarios for restful sleep and create routines for them to improve their quality of sleep.

How do we achieve our goal?

Setting the necessary fundamental guidelines on:

Sleep schedule

Healthy eating

Adequate lighting

Room temperature


Bedding and clothing




State of mind



Benefits and Results of the Ssh method

By following the Ssh method we manage to improve in all aspects of life.

  • We increase our capacity to knowledge retention.
  • Decrease of the probability of occupational accidents.
  • Decrease from traffic accidents.
  • Improves libido of both men and women.
  • Increased performance physical.
  • Mayor capacity of concentration.
  • Increased fertility female and male.
  • Less risk of contracting diseases degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes...
  • Increase in self-esteem y feeling of attractiveness.
  • Maintain more thin.
  • Increased sense of happiness y decrease in depression and anxiety.


After our first meeting, if you decide to work together, these are the phases we will follow:

Data Collection

We will send you a questionnaire to fill out, which will be our main working tool to guide you in the best possible way.

Interview and Plan

In this phase we will give you the basics of sleep, review the questionnaire with important questions. Through emails and video calls with our Sleep Coach for 15-20 minutes we will review your diary, questions that will arise, how you feel and how you sleep.

Go to sleep!

Now you can enjoy nights of true rest and restorative sleep. At the end of the process you will remember what it is like to sleep through the night without interruptions.