We help you to have a restful sleep and a better quality of sleep.

Sleeping is one of the most important functions of our organism, and it is the one we do the worst.

With the support of your Sleepcoach and the Ssh method, you will stay healthier for more years.

Re-educating people to rest

We improve your living habits

We create optimal routines for the day and night.

We determine healthy spaces

We adapt it to the person and their needs

Restful sleep is NOT an option

The WHO says that not getting enough sleep is already a worldwide epidemic, and that sleep is increasingly recognized as a public health issue.

The DGT reports that 30% of accidents are caused by lack of sleep.

The accident at Chernobyl and the ferry Challenger was caused by lack of sleep.

The NASA in 1990 found that a nap of as little as 26 min provided a 34% improvement in task performance and a more than 50% increase in general alertness.

At Toyota started taking a 20-minute nap after lunch. They increased car production by 15%.